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Throw-way Outboards

Dec 11, 2015
Hunter 25 Plymouth
I don't know about that, lots of boats in harbor and the wind would have to be in my favor when coming up to the hauling service's truck (Brownell). If I were sailing into the wind to the hauler that would be good however it the wind is behind me I may come in too hot. In addition, it seems the hauler always needs me to power up the motor to properly get the boat on the trailer. It's only a 25 but not a daysailor, 5000lbs.


Apr 25, 2017
pearson 26 holland mi
i'm actually looking for an outboard with a seized motor for a project. something 10hp sized. long shaft of course. As long as the gear box and prop are ok :)
Dec 11, 2015
Hunter 25 Plymouth
Sailboat - Crociati.JPG
Not a large sailboat 25' however not a daysailor either. 5000lbs and the wind needs to be in your favor. If you miss the trailer (hauler from Brownell) you're out of luck.
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Aug 12, 2014
Hunter 31 (1983) Pompano Beach FL
Feb 17, 2006
Lancer 27PS MCB Camp Pendleton KF6BL
Got it, frozen.
1. Will the prop free spin?
2. If you take the top cowling off will the flywheel spin?
3. Is the pull cord possibly caught on itself preventing the cord from pulling?
4. If you take the flywheel off, can you move the crankshaft using a ratchet driver?
5. You said it is not in gear, however, the latch might not be in gear, but the motor might still be in gear.
Dec 1, 1999
Hunter 28.5 Chesapeake Bay
Being an old 2-stroke, first thing I would check is to see if the oil in the gas has created a carbon - build up in the cylinder keeping it from cranking. Very easy to mix too much oil with the gas thinking you are doing a "good thing" for the engine. I think most old 2-strokes can get by nicely with a 100-to- 1 mixture, even though the makers may say to use 50-to-1. Look in the cylinder, if you can see carbon buy and use any of a number of "spray in the can" tune ups," like the stuff CRC makes. It's an easy first start. Hopefully...
Nov 6, 2006
Hunter 34 Mandeville Louisiana
Strange to have one freeze after it was idling fine and was shut down while running (said Captn' Obvious) .. Pull the plugs. Take off the recoil starter mechanism.. try to rock the flywheel back and forth by hand .. There are very few probable things that would cause something like that .. a liquid lock from fuel filling lowest cylinder (fuel pressured in from a non vented tank?).. something mechanical would be a really long shot, but the reed plate could pop off while not running and jam the crankshaft on initial pull.... something jamming the water pump ..
Without the engine being immersed, there'd be little reason to suspect corrosion in the cylinders or the bearings..
Good luck finding it.. let us know ..
Dec 11, 2015
Hunter 25 Plymouth
Thanks, someday, when I've stopped paying college tuition for my kids (now going on 8 years), maybe I'll buy a brand new Honda outboard, until then, it's my boat as a barge that stays anchored in the harbor.
May 4, 2018
Catalina 25 SV Colorado
I second what Bubblehead RoadKing Larry posted, the ethanol gas just wrecks these motors. My new to me 2014 Mercury Big foot for my Catalina 25 previous owner used ethanol gas, didn't run the carb dry before storing. The primer bulb was entirely eaten away and it needed a carb kit. If he had just used non-ethanal gas and run the carb dry after use the motor would of been good to go.