The Petlowany Principle

Feb 17, 2006
Lancer 27PS MCB Camp Pendleton KF6BL
Ever hear of Bill Petlowany, K6NO? Neither have I until I stumbled on some web pages while researching if a full wave loop would work for me. I read about a ham experimenting with a vertical antenna and a Petlowany loop for a ground plane. The loop is very small and sits along side the vertical. It is not strung out 1/4 wave from the antenna. I found it very interesting. So I read on.

The Petlowany Principle states: "if a length of wire is wound into a spiral-shaped coil and excited by a radio frequency current connected to the innermost portion of the coil, it will then, and only then, exhibit RF characteristics that closely approximate those of a resonant linear wire of the same length." Link

So I am wondering if this has any merit being used on a boat for an emergency SSB antenna. I have seen designs for 40~6 meters (Link) in a very confined space. Looks very interesting and I just might try experimenting with them here at the house. Operative word is "might". LOL