The Boat Exploded and Then I Died

Jan 19, 2010
Hunter 26 Charleston
I had locust trees in my back yard in Virgina... they make great fence posts because of their rot resistance.

But I think I would just buy a trex board from Lowes and rip it into strips. Trex looks decent and will never need varnish.
Mar 15, 2021
Macgregor Venture 22 Brooklyn
I am making new grab rails for my ericson 27. Those will be black locust, so the plan is to use the left over for things on the Venture. I will have several cutouts from the handrails which will be the right size to go under the tank on the venture and also allow me to make some other small things for the Venture.

I will check out the trex though as it may be of use. I have not played with it yet.
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