Thankful much?

Nov 21, 2007
Beneteau Oceanis 34 Kingston, WA
A long and slow evolution. I’ve almost always lived near the water, but never spent much time on it as a kid. I also always knew, that I would eventually find some way to spend a LOT of time on the water... eventually.

Special thanks goes to my wife, Barbara, for booking us on a Blue Voyage, Turkish Gulet vacation (her second). That’s what got me hooked; drop anchor in a little cove for lunch - cruise on to another cove to spend the night…. repeat, repeat, repeat, for more than a week (oh, and don’t forget the sun, and the snorkeling, and the experiences, and the history, and the camaraderie!).

And, thanks, to the members and contributors of SBO, for letting me lurk along the sidelines for so many years, and thanks for sharing your knowledge, your advice, your insights, and your inspirations.
Aug 10, 2020
Catalina C25 3559 Rocky Mount
My girlfriend Megan. I was always interested, but her living in st Croix for a a few months and me visiting was the kick in the butt i needed.
Dec 25, 2000
Hunter Passage 42 Shelter Bay, WA
My third installment of boating experience was when Ernie and I decided to build a paddle wheel boat in order to transit the Willapa River where we lived. I was in the sixth or seventh grade, Ernie was a year younger, when I asked my uncle Bob if I could borrow his drag saw engine to build a paddle wheel boat. He said okay, but wanted it back when we were done with it. This is what it looked like; two cycle engine, used to saw through logs.

Drag Saw Engine.jpg

We took the old telephone pole raft from the pond down to Ernie's place where he had a dock for us to work on it. We mounted an empty wooden cable spool, that we found on the side of the road, on the back of the raft, nailed 2x4s as paddles to the inside of the spool, secured the engine onto the raft, nailed the sprocket to the spool and, well we had ourselves a paddle wheel boat.

An oar was the rudder, the engine started by spinning the flywheel, but it actually pushed that little raft along quite nicely. Darn engine was more like a hit and miss firing order and sometimes would fire on every other stroke like a normal two cycle. But she did run for awhile. After a short period we lost interest and moved on to the next adventure, whatever that was. No idea what happened to the engine; maybe it sunk. Such was my life as a free range kid.
Nov 6, 2020
Mariner 36 California
Laura Dekker. After watching her documentary i realized it was something attainable by anyone. If you were poor it just meant working a little harder and doing more of the DIY.