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Anyone aware of a source for those teak deck grabrails on my '87 Sabre 34.


teak grabrails

Hey, does anyone out there know of a source for those teak deck grabrails for my 1987 sabre 34? These beauties are about ten feet long and slightly curved for the deck contour.

Lee Hound

Teak Rails/ ask Sabre Inc.

Did you try to talk directly to Sabre? They have a web site, and their service is pretty good. Usually, they answer technical questions within 3 days. Good luck! Lee

Ed Karsch

Teak Grab rails

Doug: E-Mail Glen Chaplin at Sabre. He is the Sabre rep for owners and is a wealth of information and invaluable help. gchaplin@sabreyachts.com . Good luck Ed Karsch


Sabre Grabrails

I think that Sabre mills their own rails. I measured mine (86 34MKII) for covers, and the loop distance was longer than the ones in the marine supply catalogs. A few years ago I had Sabre reproduce a section of toe rail for me. Call Glen Chapman at Sabre. I'll bet he can help you out. John Snap Dragon hull #285
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