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Tattoo 26 at Strictly Sail Pacific


Apr 22, 2012
Unsure Unsure Florida
Was at the show yesterday and Mike Inmon had the Tattoo there. I think the new trailer is a huge improvement, but the new boat seems like downgrade from the MacGregor 26M. Per my previous post, I don't like the switch of the ladder position, as you are now going up and down where the blast valve is. The steering post has an easy access cover, which I like and may make same mod on mine. Going inside the first thing I noticed is that the floor feels soft under me feet. I'm under 200lbs. Perhaps it's made thinner? The new table looks awful, although it has storage, which is clever. The door is gone and now there's only curtain for the head. Some may like it, I don't. I dont like the interior color scheme, but that's an issue of taste. Mike is a great guy, easy going, and very knowledgeable about these boats, so anyone considering ordering, I highly recommended talking to him first. You will not get sale pressure.