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Tank Level System - WEMA Norway

Jul 6, 2017
Hunter H 36 Hampton, VA
My new-to-me 2006 H41 as the WEMA tank level indicator system with the analog gauge and the diagram of the little boat and the ability to monitor seven tanks although the boat has four tanks (two fresh, one black and one fuel). I'm not sure if it's hooked up to any other things to monitor. None of the lights on the boat diagram light up and the gauge doesn't move for any of the settings other than for one of the water tanks (I think). I have not looked at any of the sensors to see if the floats are stuck or need cleaning, I still need to do that. Is there a replacement for the display unit that works well with the system without having to remove and replace sensors or wires? I see in some of the threads discussions about external sensors. If they are anything like the sensors that are in my past RVs, my experience with those is that they don't work very well.
Dec 2, 1997
- - LIttle Rock
Wema gauges typically work well in fuel and water tanks, but not in waste holding tanks (nor do any other systems that have senders inside the tank) because the animal fats in waste clog the senders....requiring removal every couple of years to clean 'em by hand.

As for 'em not working at all in any of the tanks on your boat...sounds like a wiring or other electrical problem. You might want to contact Wema directly for advice.
And also replace the one in your holding tank with a system that uses senders that are applied to the outside of the tank. This is the one I recommend Scad Tank Monitors
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