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Swing keel question.

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When you are lowering the keel on a 1986 Catalina 22 how do you know when the keel is all the way down?


cable tension

My method was to lower the cable until a noticeable ease of tension was felt. then I cranked it up one full turn, plus a little more to leave the handle in the most oult of the way location. Count how many turns this is for your craft from the "up" position. Soon you be subconsciously aware of it. Also experiment wilth diferent setting in various conditions and points of sail. You can cruise swiftly downwind ' wing and wing' with the keel all the way up, for example. --Rico


Also, you can listen for the hummm. . .

. . . as the cable extends under tension. Once the keel is all the way down, the humm stops. Like Rico said, you will also feel the tension on the winch let up. I have found that it takes about 25 turns to raise/lower the keel. So now, I count out 25 and then see if I am there. I'm thinking of experimenting with some sort of indicator for keel position over the winter. Regards, Ted
Not open for further replies.