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Swing Keel Problems

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George Womack

I have a problem with my swing keel. Two weeks ago, my wife was letting it down, and the cable broke, and the keel fell down. Today, I swam down and attached a new cable, however it doesn't seem to want to pick up. The crank becomes too tight. What can cause a swing keel to become stuck in the down position? The lake it is in does not have a lift that will pick it out of the water.

Keith K.

Barring a crane, I would try this...

Would it be possible to slowly motor the boat into slightly shallower water to "unstick" the keel? In your position, I would try to bump it on shallow ground and then ease up on the crank. It could be jammed. -Keith

Ray Bowles

George, without seeing a drawing of your line path

it is hard to offer a reason for the failure to raise. It is very PROBABLE that the board is not stuck or jammed in the down position. The problem is very likely in the routing of the replacement line or cable. I have the CB out of my 95 H26 right now and there is no way the broken line could be replaced on this boat without the major task of removing the CB assembly while hanging the boat on a sling. Do you have a drawing of the CB line path and are you sure the new line follows this path? If not perfectly followed there is no hope of the system working. Is the new line used for this task exactly the same as the original, or at minimun does the stretch factor of the replacement line equal or better the original? I think the MAJOR CLUE to your problem is your statement "that the line becomes tight". This leads me to think that in your re-routing you have missed a sheave (pulley) in the line path and your line is now binding on the axleshaft for that sheave. Everywhere that line takes a turn there must be a sheave! Another weak thought, and this is on the far outside of the spectrum, is that your termination knot on the very bottom of the line is too large and binds the assembly as it raises. These are only some ideas I can add to the many you will probably recieve. I have never seen the system for the CB raising assemble on your boat but I think I could be very close on to the problem answer. How's that for ego? I wish you well and hope this is an easy repair for you. If I can mess you up more please post back. Now haul fanny and fix her! It's time to sail. Ray S/V Speedy


Weighted swing keel?

If I recall the Crysler 26 has a weighted swing keel for ballast similar to the catalina 25. Check your bolt connection to be sure nothing has elongated. The pin/bolt could be bent. If I recall the pin is below the waterline, but external. Check to see if you replaced the cable on the winch in the right direction.Winding some winches backwards tightens the winch handle . good luck and let us know some more particulars. r.w.landau
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