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Stepping the mast on a Mac 19

Sep 23, 2015
MacGregor 19 Az
Hi, I'm looking at several boats to replace my 26S. One of the considerations, as I'm up in age, is stepping the mast. I have seen people do it, but I was wondering how long and heavy is it? I know most boats have the mast raising system, but I have found them somewhat troublesome and rickety. And along the same line, has anyone used a vehicle ( truck) to raise the mast or al least stabilize it when raising?

Any other general concerns about the Mac 19? I need a boat that can beach on a shore, any other boats that size out there, maybe the Hunter 23.5? Can you comment.
thanks for any input.
Feb 27, 2004
SunTracker 18 DLX PartyBarge Hoover Reservoir - Columbus OH
Hunter also made a 19' water ballast model around the time the Mac 19 was being produced. The Hunter mast raising system is fairly easy to use and provides pretty good stability. I still raise the mast by myself, although not nearly as quickly as I did 10 years ago :)