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Status Update

Oct 28, 2014
Seidlemann S25 Lake Norman
Well, I'm please to announce the coming out party of my new girl... After sitting tied at the dock for more than 5 years, I thought she was black and green, but after some serious scrubbing bow to stern, I found out she's really white..:) who knew? Finally got new main and Jib halyards in and ready. Pumped out the last of the water from below the cabin floor about two weeks ago and she doesn't need a diaper.staying dry! stripped off all the cloth coverings inside( it was really gross) and scraped off the foam remains, ready to recover now. Picked up 2x10x12 kiln dried lumber for new stringers, decided not to cutout the old ones but encase old and new with fiberglass matting and resign. I'll post some pics tomorrow.
I noticed something strange the last two nights.She sits in the middle of thirty sailboats, It's been breezy, when I sit in the cockpit taking a break from work,I've noticed that at the slightest breeze,she's tugging at the dock lines.But studying the other boats,they make no motion, no roll or pitch, no desire to move.No Main or Jib,not even a boom but on a puff of air she's ready to go. I'm thrilled! I think she's going to be a fast boat..
now, I really need some help, because she had no lines on the boom when I rescued her, I have no idea what I actually need. there is from the mast working aft, on the port side, a clamcleat, an opening and aft cleat. A Pulley in the boom end and on the starboard side from the mast, a cleat and a small pulley near the aft end. Can anyone tell me how my line or lines run in and around the boom? any diagrams or pics? one last question, I have no vang or traveler, are they required? Thanks in advance, I hope to raise her Main for the first time in years, tomorrow...I'll keep ya posted...


Jul 10, 2007
Seidelmann 34 Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Any pictures of what you are trying to clarify? Assume Kenyon boom. Stb side is topping lift, port is first reef generally.
Oct 2, 2009
Kirie Elite 30 '30 Southport, NC
Koolbreeze..Sold my S25, but its still in Southport,NC..Its fully rigged..If you get down this way, its moored in Southport marina