Status of Intercoastal?

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Pam Koryn

Will be headed south on the intercoastal in a few weeks. Have heard mixed reports on trouble spots in the aftermath of Floyd. Does anyone have some information to share?

Bob McDowell

Great Dismal Swamp Canal

We drove through Elizabeth City two weeks ago and stoped at the combined road and canal rest area. The attendant told me that the canal would be open Nov 1 but I looked at the canal and they have a lot of cleanup to do. Call the NC Tourist Bureau.


Check with the Coast Guard

I would suggest you contacting the Coast Guard.

Jim Ewing

Heard it's OK

I heard from a friend who is going through NC (probably SC by now) that they had no problems. Fuel and water were readily available, no debris or dead animals floating around. This was as of last weekend. Jim "Prospect"

Wayne Estabrooks

Waterway is fine --- No Problem

We spent 7 days on the boat and much of it was along portions of the Intracoastal waterway in North Carolina. We talked to many going south. Most of them were holed up waiting to see what the various hurricanes were doing, Dennis, Floyd, Irene, & Jose. Saw some occasional debris, logs and stuff maybe a little more than usual. There were many snowbirds going south.
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