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Standing Rigging Cost Data Point


Feb 5, 2004
Tartan 3800 Westport, MA
I created a spreadsheet of the standing rigging of the 3800, based on Tartan's documentation. Rigging Only has costs for parts and labor on their commerce website. The entire rig, materials and labor, not including tax, shipping, and field termination of the Hi-mod terminals on the bottoms of the shrouds and stays, comes out to $1913.18. With Sta-Lok instead of Hi-Mod it comes to $1775.97.

In my yard the mast is pulled for winter storage. At that time I'll remove all the standing rigging and bring it to Rigging Only and let them copy it, except that I might have them leave off the Hi-Mods for me to do on the boat; haven't decided yet. They charge $18 to $20 per "mechanical terminal" assembly. It's not cost that concerns me, it's getting the lengths just right on the boat. But, I assume they could do that remotely, with the old rigging in hand.
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