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Spinnaker Pole Ring

Jul 19, 2007
-Hunter 1995-40.5 Hunter Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada
Anyone have a height measurement from the deck on the mast to mount my spinnaker pole ring. All the other gear is installed but no pole ring. I have the part just don't want to mount the ring too high or too low on the mast.
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
1. Pick a day when you're tied up to the dock with very little breeze.
2. Hoist the spinnaker to it's full height with at least one sheet attached and let the whole thing flap in the breeze.
3. Pull one of the clews into the mast and mark the spot where it touches - that's where (roughly) the ring needs to be.
4. The pole should be perpendicular to the mast so it will hold the tack of the spinnaker as far away from the blanketing effect of the mainsail.


A few ideas to cosider:
- A short sliding track is useful to adjust the pole height for different wind conditions.
- If you plan to rig the pole up the front of your mast, fit another ring up the top so you can clip the pole out of the way when not in use.
- If you pick a larger size ring than needed, you can clip your halyards to it.
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Jul 19, 2013
Pearson 31-2 Boston
You really want to install a track and a ring on a moveable car, as the pole height needs to be adjustable for wind strength, up in heavy air, down in light air. If you do not adjust the height of the pole mast connection, you end up shorten the effective length of the pole, twisting the sail while reducing the amount of air getting into the spinnaker.

You can get away with a single ring for a whisker pole, because whisker poles are usually adjustable for length...
Jul 19, 2007
-Hunter 1995-40.5 Hunter Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada
Thanks for the advice, unfortunately a track and ring on a moveable car isn’t in this years budget. Will try and use the first posts formulas to devise an optimal fixed position.