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Spinnaker Halyard 23.5

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Troy P.

I've ordered all of the parts for rigging a spinnaker on my '86 23.5. Should I run the halyard to the masthead, I would need to install a sheave. If not, I would like to know the height off the deck to install the exit block on my 29.5 foot mast. I don't know if there are specs for this dimension, or if they affect PHRF. The jib block is located a few inches BELOW the forestay and is not used because I have a roller furler. Could I use this for my topping lift, or is another block required? Any help would be greatly appreciated before I start my winter project. Thanks....Troy

Michael Cohn


I'm not sure if your boat is a masthead rig or not, but if it is, then the exit block should be as close to the top as practical. If you are going to run an internal halyard, then make the exit at the bottom high enough that someone can jump the halyard when you are setting the chute - this makes the process a lot faster. The block for the topping lift needs to be at about the middle of the mast or slightly higher to get the correct angle. Hope this helps, MC
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