Southern Cruising Destinations

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Pam Koryn

My husband is retiring in a few weeks and will be taking our Passage 42 south for the winter. I'll be joining for visits througout the winter and with that in mind, we wanted to find a marina adjacent to some interesting cities/areas. We're considering Myrtle Beach, St. Simon's Island and Charleston. Do you have any knowledge of marinas in these locations, or perhaps you could suggest another area? Many thanks.


you're up early thinking about cruising!

when you get down to fl, i suggest you consider the fl west coast...there are some great cruising areas and anchorages from the keys north to tampa....if you're interested, you can email me at and i'll be happy to discuss further...bob

Jim Ewing


Pam, The three destinations you listed in your post are not really noted for warm winters. You might want to consider something further south. Down here in S. Florida the frost line is at about Vero Beach so we try not to venture any further north than that without snow tires and parkas 8^). If you want an interesting city try Miami. (I don't live there but if I had to live in a big city it would be at or near the top of my list). You can get a marina on the Beach, downtown or in the burb's. It's convenient to the Keys and Bahamas for cruising. And has tons of things to do off-the-boat. I can give you specifics if you want is my e-mail if you want to follow up. I was in Charleston in March and April (brrr) and you could try the Municipal Marina downtown or (where I stayed) at Buzzard's Roost Marina (I didn't see any buzzards) just out of town on John's Island. I'd call ahead and check as I know the municipal marina took some damage from Hurricane Floyd. There are also some more resorty marinas in the area as well. Jim "Prospect"

Scott Johnston

Golden Isles

Our boat is at the Golden Isles Marina near St Simons island. Nice facility with food and drink establishments on site. The island is nice to check out and Brunswick is near by for trips to home depot and wallmart. Personally If I was in your shoes I would prefer to be further south, but as we drive down from Atlanta for the weekends it's a comprimise for now. Scott 83-H34 Island Hops.
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