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Some kind of cabinet door closure

Jan 13, 2015
Hunter 34 Deep Bay, BC
On my 1983 H34 they used some sort of closure everyplace they wanted to close a cabinet door or hold the quarter berth door open. It kind of looks like overgrown Velcro, except instead of hook-and-loop it has plastic mushroom-like knobs on both sides. These things are about 1" diameter, and mate together very strongly (in some cases a bit too strong, but I can deal with that).

As you can see in the picture, many of the knobs have broken off (they're all like that) and some won't stay closed anymore. I'd like to replace them, but can't find them online. One chandler told me they were called Velcro buttons and were actually made by Velcro, but there is no sign of them on their website. I'd prefer to replace these rather than change the type, particularly to magnets since the steel parts will quickly rust.

Anyone know what they're called and where you can get them?


Jan 13, 2015
Hunter 34 Deep Bay, BC
Just in case anyone is curious, I did contact the link above, but they hadn't seen them either. Records on the '83 are not perfect, and it appears they weren't completely consistent about what they installed that year. It is also possible they are not original, but everywhere they are used (which is all over) they look like nothing else was ever there.

By the way, the responses from shop.hunterowners.com were incredibly fast (almost instantaneous), and as complete as they could be. I will definitely use them as a resource in the future when I need parts.

But I did find them anyway. 3M Dual-Lock™ reclosable fasteners, SJ6463.


Mar 1, 2008
Hunter 34 Milwaukee
My H 34 1985 vintage has the same buttons, fortunately still in working order. My issue is keeping the galley drawers closed when strongly heeled to the port.