skid plate?

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Oct 3, 2006
Hunter 23 Philadelphia
Hi all, I'm in the process of some simple repairs to the keel of a small dinghy - it's worn a hole into it through dragging aroun / etc. I ground it out, put 2 layers of cloth, a thin layer of matt, and then another cloth layer. I'm going to set this all set up, but i'm envisioning for my next step, taking a piece of sheet stainless, bending it to fit the hull, "gluing" it on with some matt and encapsulating everything with one final piece of cloth. Good idea? Bad? I figure it will soon wear down to the plate, where it should stop (for the remaining life of the boat)


Jun 15, 2004
Islander/Wayfairer 30 sail number 25 Perryville,Md.
Brian, How big a chafe spot? If you have SS then use it.

if not and you can find some scrap copper plumbing pipe you can saw that open and flatten it and use that just as well. Copper is a little easier to work with and at least as durable.

J Page

Feb 5, 2004
Hunter 30 Muskegon MI
what i did on my watertender 9

I had the same problem. Did some of the same things you did( glass, cloth, sand, fill). Then I took about 12 inches of white rub rail material( solid rubber/maybe vinyl) and screwed it to the fin( my hole was right near the stern of the fin). Then i sealed it all the way around with 3M 4200. This lasted all last season and I'm start the second season. I think this is a good fix as it doubles as both fix and a drag plate for the future. Pray for Wind, Lugeman
Aug 3, 2005
Morgan 33 O/I Green Cove Springs FL
There are a couple of products

designed for your application one is keel guard and the other is keel shield. Both are easy to install and will do the job. Here are the links for Keel Shield and Keel Guard Fair Winds Cap'n Dave
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