Sirius 21 centerboard winch and hull tea stain


Sep 10, 2009
McGruer & Vandestadt Sirius 21 Kawarthas
Hi everyone

Centerboard Winch:
Has anyone taken out the centerboard winch for repair or maintenance? Just wondering what to expect before I dig into it. Sometimes mine won't lock and I have to work the handle back and forth a bit before it decides to lock.

Hull Tea Stain:
I haven't cleaned the tea stain below the waterline of my hull in years because I don't like getting acid all over me. But I noticed Auroramarine's Green Genie while browsing the other day. Apparently it is perfect for the job. The claim is that simple power washing will take the stain off after green genie sits for a while. Can anyone verify this?

Thanks for any help or experiences

Tony R
Sirius 21, ynotsail
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Centerboard winch: See post #2 in this thread on changing the cable: Sirius 21 keel | Sailboat Owners Forums AND suggest getting a copy of the owner's maual from post #6 in this thread Mast Height and Rigging | Sailboat Owners Forums or post #2 in this thread Looking for an owner's manual for Sirius 21 | Sailboat Owners Forums

Hull (fiberglass?) tea stain: did Auroramarine's Green Genie Fiberglass Boat Bottom Cleaner - GREEN GENIE™ ( remove the stain? If not, may have to try different scrubbing agents like baking soda or commercial products like Star Brite hull cleaner, etc. I have sucessfully used Star Brite hull cleaner to remove stains on the bottom of my fiberglass dinghy.
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