Shorty Pedestal Replacement for C&C 39


May 14, 2011
C&C 39 San Francisco
The engine control collar(?) on our C&C 39 needs a lot of love and we can't find replacement parts. It's been suggested that we need to replace the pedestal. One of the things we're trying to figure out is all the different parts (pedestal, base, engine controls, binnacle) we need to replace and which kidney to sell to finance it. The other thing we're trying to figure out is how to either modify our boat or a pedestal to replace what was installed when the boat was built. As you can hopefully see in the pictures the pedestal is a bit short at 17" and is mounted on top of a fiberglass base that also contains the emergency rudder/tiller post attachment. It's a chain and wire steering configuration.

Is it as simple as modifying the length of the pedestal?

Hoping there's a simple answer as the boat has great potential but we're starting to wonder if we've bitten off too much after a few expensive discoveries this week.

Thanks in advance!