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Jan 13, 2009
J Boat 92 78 Sandusky
I have used these on a lot of race boats. Try googling ebay "sailboat sheet bag". There are several variations. I personally have a custom (thanks to my wife)wide bag with mesh front below my bridgedeck traveler for the mainsheet and bags in the recessed areas on the aft end of the cabin top for halyards and control lines. Some raceboats that I have raced on have bags attached with velcro strips attached to the sides of the companionway. Very effective for cleaning up the spaghetti factory in the cockpit especially in night races.
May 24, 2004
Hunter 33.5 Portsmouth, RI
On our 1990 H-33.5 we have a Halyard bag (similar shape as the Ronstan that you have a link to), but it was custom made of Sunbrella and mounts to the Starboard side of the Companionway with two Twist-Locks which are the same type as used on the sail cover. We just put it up when we will hoist the main, and take it down after the main has been flaked. It works well to get rid of all of the Halyard line. The Jib sheet lines are sized so that there is not a lot of line length to deal with - we just coil them up on the cockpit seats. The traveler lines are lot very long and easily coil up on the coach roof under the dodger.
Sep 6, 2007
Catalina 320 Gulfport, Fl
Yea I sue some thing similar. I also use them to store my small propane tanks for the grill as I don't have a second dedicated propane locker.

I don't race but I like that I don't have spaghetti all over my cockpit.
Jan 24, 2008
Alerion Express 28 Oneida Lake, NY
I use a mesh shopping bag for the main halyard but keep the main sheet gobbed on the cockpit sole and kick it aft to get it out from underfoot when close-hauled.
I've never had it tangle when going from close-hauled to off-wind.
Dec 29, 2010
Hunter 25.5 Point Venture, TX
I have a Hunter 25.5 ... so the halyard tails as well as the main sheet and jib sheets end up in the cockpit. To help organize things I use three sheet bags. On for each halyard and one for the main sheet. Without these three bags the cockpit would end up looking like an explosion in a snake factory.

But I did not purchase Ronstan Sheet Bags ... I made my own from Sunbrella ... using the the instructions in Don Casey's Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance Manual.

My guess is that a sheet bag kit from Sailrite would also work.

FYI ... I have no dog in this hunt. I do not work for Don Casey, Amazon, or Sailrite ... just a fan of all three.


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Jan 25, 2007
Catalina 22 Seattle
We offer several sheet and halyard tail bags here, thanks JK_Boston:

I really like the lifeline bags for sheets, and the mesh halyard bag on the bulkhead. Having super long tails is frustrating, you might also think about testing to see how long your sheets really need to be, then a few feet of tail.
Oct 17, 2011
Ericson 29 Southport..
A man sometimes needs that few extra feet of tail, to hang over the boom and make a noose with.

I know some here wish I'd do exactly that..
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