SEIZED Fasteners


Mar 23, 2017
Belliure 41 Now on the Chesapeake
I just snap them off, cuss and swear, then drill out whatever is left breaking several bits.

Not to jump off subject, but every time I read one of your posts, I also read your signature lines and smile! I absolutely love both lines - the retired and the Life's journey!

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Jan 27, 2008
ODay 35 Beaufort, NC
Internal threads in aluminum should have a self locking helical coil insert installed with zinc chromate primer to protect the threads. Then when the screw is installed it is steel on steel with mo-lith #2 to coat those threads for corrosion. I had this problem trying to remove the screws on the linkage housing on my pedestal. I cut off the heads, removed the housing, then used Vice grips on the screw to get torque. Several days of PB blaster, working it back and forth, finally broke it free. I replaced the slotted head screws with hex head bolts on reassembly and used neverseize on the threads. Several days to do a one hour job because of bad designs and poor practices.
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