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seafarer 29 throttle/transmission control levers

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Nov 1, 2012
seafarer 29 meinke marina curtis oh
Having problem with shifter handles.Replaced the shifter and throttle cables.The shifter used to stick in R&F and hard to find N now its okay. Problem now is when I advance the throttle to a higher rev at the top it falls or springs forward to the bottom which should be full throttle but it revs down to an idle. When I took assembly apart I noticed one of the washer's which were located on either side of the bottom of the shifter and throttle levers were worn out.maybe this is the problem and the washers reduce the excessive play in the throttle part of the assembly.
Is their a replacement kit availble for the hardware on this thing? Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.JDF
Dec 25, 2008
Catalina 34 St. Simons Island
I also have a Seafarer 29, but I have the outboard in the lazarette hatch. Unfortunately, I can't give you any S29 first hand advice.

According to original Seafarer information the S29 was available with a gas or diesel option. I assume from your description that you have a shifter/throttle on the steering pedestal. I suggest disconnecting the throttle control from the engine, crank the engine and throttle up and down directly by hand at the engine. If everything is working ok, then you know the issue is with the throttle control & cable.

I'd completely disassemble the throttle control and check it out. You should be able to identify the issue with everything removed. If necessary a full replacement of the throttle control assembly shouldn't be that expensive.


Aug 29, 2013
seafarer 30 Halifax, Nova Scotia
clamp for throttle slipping

I made a brass clamp mounted on the pedestal that I can tighten around the throttle rod to solve this problem. In the three years since installing I had to tighten a bit once per season. I can now run full throttle or anywhere in between without slippage.
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