Sea Lion grabs young girl

Oct 22, 2014
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Well the video has reached National New status... Saw it on TV news this afternoon.. And the Good Samaritan lost his glasses again going in the water. The reporter voice over indicates he was a family member.

No one is talking about the sea lion. He chose poorly regarding a meal or new play thing. Poor guy. Had to be surprised.
Sep 30, 2013
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I finally got around to watching the video. Yeah, wow, how predictable was that? Stupid humans. Here sea lion, here sea lion ... tee hee hee ... tee hee hee ... here sea lion ... SPLASH!!

Since no one was hurt, I allowed myself to find it pretty humorous. ;)
Aug 1, 2011
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What you may or may not have seen in the video, depending on the edits, was that they were FEEDING breadcrumbs to the sharp teeth, and just prior to her turning around, you see somebody wiggling fingers behind her.
Steveston is a fishing port. Do the math, stupid tourists.
Mar 2, 2008
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Don't think they are tourists, just new Canadians. Many don't know nor care to learn our rules and laws, and lack common sense as we know it. All of the "do not feed the sea lions" signs on the dock are in English only. Actually our other official language would not have helped them either. That is why we now have Mandarin on a lot of the signs in Richmond.

The fish sales docks in Steveston are a zoo (people and animals, or is it people acting like animals) with on weekends.

The rescuer is reported to be the girl’s grandfather. Who are you going to sue, the sea lion? They should look in a mirror. They are probably pissed with embarrassment about being the main news item on the long weekend. Getting wet, loosing expensive sunglasses, dunking an expensive cell phone and getting the leather seats wet in the Mercedes. There were even more people on the docks feeding the seals and sea lions after they heard the news.

They probably don’t know how lucky they are.
Feb 17, 2006
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Yes, there is a much longer version of the video. As noted, the people on the dock were feeding the Sea Lion. The video I posted was a short version just so you can see the Sea Lion grabbing the little girl.


Jun 5, 2004
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Did anyone mention that there are signs up and down the Steveston (Richmond) docks advising that feeding any marine life is illegal and dangerous? Those signs were there back 30 years ago when I lived there as well. Turns out the little girl has a rare infection in a finger now caused by the sea lion.
Feb 20, 2011
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Jul 27, 2011
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It's not on her finger. The condition was probably first described for people who get bitten by sea lions when feeding them. The infection comes and it gets called "seal finger." But here it refers to the type of infection caused by bacteria that you get when bitten by a sea lion, etc.