Saving the archives..

May 30, 2006
This is what someone in my other Yahoo Group posted...I moved a couple of groups over to last year, it is amazing to have groups where ALL of the functions work well.The bad news is that the fee to transfer everything to a group over there has gone up to $220 as of yesterday, since they are understandably getting swamped with requests. But if you want to save the message archive and all of the files, links, databases, etc., one of the owners would have to take on the transfer process and pay the fee.The transfer process works well, I did it 3 times and it brings everything over (as long as Yahoogroups is working correctly).I heard there is another option just to copy everything to an archive, it is called PG offline. I don't know anything about it myself, but have seen others who have used it and really like it. I think it is only $25.This video is a good explanation: