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Sad News at Garhauer Marine

Rick D

Jun 14, 2008
Hunter Legend 40.5 Shoreline Marina Long Beach CA
RIP. What a shame. I have been there many times. I'm confident the family will carry on.
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Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
Sad. He was an interesting fellow. Met him at the Annapolis Sail Boat Show in 2018. He took time out to talk with visitors and search for a solution to their problem.

We will miss him.

May his family find peace.
Nov 22, 2011
Ericson 26-2 San Pedro, CA
So sorry to hear this. I really appreciated him. He was most helpful and was keen to serve his customers. I sensed that it was more than just a business with him, but that he had a passion for what he did and for helping others.
Apr 5, 2009
Catalina '88 C30 tr/bs Oak Harbor, WA
He has helped me with most of the rigging upgrades I have done to Papillon. He set me up with upgraded bearing balls, and track to rebuild my traveler and took great pains to make sure that my new traveler track had the holes perfect to match the existing. He also came up with a way to increase the purchase on the traveler car from 3:1 to 5" and add bearing sheaves to the organizers.
Such a great guy.
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Jan 18, 2016
Catalina 387 Dana Point
Definitely a loss. I've had a quite a few chat's with him when re-rigging my C-30 and he always struck me as knowing his stuff and a total stand-up guy. Garhauer has always been top-quality stuff.

8 bells, Guido. Sorry to hear of it.
Jan 1, 2006
Slickcraft 26 Greenport, NY
I had similar interactions with him. RIP. My sympathies to the family and co-workers.

Bob S

Sep 27, 2007
Beneteau 393 New Bedford, MA
Spoke with him a bunch of times upgrading my C30. He was always super helpful. it's been a horrendous year.
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Sep 29, 2008
Catalina 310 #185 Quantico
He custom make me a mod to my traveler that is awesome. Nice guy to talk to, even sought him out at the boat show just to put a face to a name. Sad Day!
Jan 22, 2008
Hunter 36_1980 Bass River, NJ
Sad to Hear. He was always very pleasant to work with when thinking out my rigging upgrades. And many there were.
We cross paths with so many people in our lives. We should keep kindness and patience at the forefront.
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Apr 28, 2005
Oday 302 Lake Perry, KS
A real loss. He was the epitome of customer service excellence. Couple that with an encyclopedia knowledge of boats and rigging....he's gonna be hard to replace. RIP Guido.

This COVID stuff is simply terrible.
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Sep 11, 2009
beneteau first 42 kenora
What a landmark at the entrance to the boat show. Will miss hin