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Sabre 34 hull blisters

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Jerry Roberts

I am looking to buy a Sabre 34 Mk 1 as soon as I find one I can aford. I looked at one this weekend which with an asking price of 34k. It has been on the market for about a month. They have just dropped the ask price to 27k. That's a great price for this boat so I went and saw it. The boat is in good shape, but it has a very strange problem with the gellcoat on the topesides (sides of the hull). There are no bouble-like blisters but there are hundreds of little cracks (about 1/8 inch long)that seem like the gellcoat is cracking from the inside out. These are like little slits with slightly raised edges. You can barely see them, but you can sure feel them. The seem to run the length of boat sides of the boat. They do not seem to be structual, but they clearly represent a problem. Has anyone else come across anything like this? Thanks. Jerry Roberts, NYC


Sabre 34 blisters

It stumped me. I asked a good friend who owns a Sabre 38 and has more experience with f-glass finish than I do - he wrote "It sounds like what resembles "crazing" of the gel coat except it's usually longer than an 1/8th. It could have been a processing problem with the gel coat but I'm sure if it was, the original owner would have been in touch with Sabre. Someone would get a good buy on this boat and if an Awl Grip job would cure the problem they would be a happy camper, I mean sailor." It may also be worth checking for moisture content. Very important in any older boat. Both the balsa core deck and the hull! Good luck! It's always the greatest thing to get started on a project and get it where you want! Fair winds, Yves Sabre 34 Mk II (1986) "Alphee"
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