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Reupholster Cushions


Jul 12, 2009
Macgregor 25 Regent Point Marina, Virginia
Hi everyone. Can someone tell me how many yards of fabric I would need to create new covers for my Mac 25 cushions? Any suggestions on how to do it and what fabric to use would also be appreciated. Thanks!
Jan 22, 2008
Hunter Catalina 400 PORT JEFERSON, NY
Sailrite has a fabric calculator in their catalogue and I believe it is online. They also have video tutorials on how to make cushions.

Alan J S/V Skol C400
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Measure the length from side, top to the other side and add 1 -2 inches for a seam then do the same for the width and multiple by 2 to account for the underside and add 1 inch for a seam. From that you can determine the yardage required based on the selected fabric width, typically 54 inches. See the calculator below. As far as fabric, that is a personal choice.............you probably want something that is durable, moisture and fade resistant and easy to clean. Some fabric choices for interior cushions include Sunbrella, Nauga Soft with a leather look, Ultraleather and leather. Refer to the article on fabric selection below. Also as far as foam, firmness is anther personal choice..........measure foam thickness and add 1/2 inch on each side for compression and select the firmness you want (we like extra firm). See the foam sizing form one supplier below. Just did that for our settee cushions. If you plan to DIY there youtube videos out there (check out the one from Sailrite). Another option is to take your cushions to marine cushion fabricator and have them source the material and make them for you.

Interesting article on fabric selection: A Fresh Look
Fabric yardage calculator: Fabric Calculator by Sailrite
Foam sizing: Welcome to Buyfoam
How to make cushions by Sailrite:
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Dec 1, 2018
Macgregor M25 Safety Harbor Florida
I 2nd what Alan Johnson said. Sailrite has videos and tools to help you make cushions. You also need more than just the total number of yards of material. You'll need to have the pattern of each cushion. This is what you'll use to make the new cushions. I'm currently in the process of making interior and exterior for my M25. I purchased the layout material from Sailrite to make the patterns.

Good luck. Please share your results! I plan to once I get started.


Jul 12, 2009
Macgregor 25 Regent Point Marina, Virginia
Thanks so much. I found outdoor fabric on clearance and bought about 15 square yards (ended up being about $130). My mother-in-law knows a seamstress who has done boat cushions before (although not her forte) who is willing to do all of them for $150-$200 depending on how long it takes her. I thought that was a deal I couldn’t refuse. We’ll see what happens.