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Replacing a 110 with 155 headsail on newer Hunter

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Has anyone with a new, bigger Hunter tried replacing the 110 with a 155 headsail? Where did you put in new tracks/cars? Any problem with cutting through the headliner? Was it worth it? Thanks.


Largern headsails

How new? Did you see the pictures of the 155 on a 29.5 in the Foto Forum?


Hunter say's no to a 155 on a 310

Steve: We have the same interest. Our 310 has in Mast Furling and is slower than the standard 310. I asked Hunter for a recommendation on installing a 135 or 150. Hunter noted that the 310 was "not designed and we haven't speced it out for a genoa any bigger than the current 110%". I will be interested to read the responses to you question Floyd

Rick D

Jun 14, 2008
Hunter Legend 40.5 Shoreline Marina Long Beach CA
Hunter's Gotta Say That

If they didn't spec the boat for other than a 110, I don't see how they can make a recommendation. I had considered another boat before my Hunter, and had considered a tall rig to make up for the loss of area by using furlers. They refused to consider it without the services of an architect, and even then would have modified the warranty. RD

carol donovan

to build on Rick's response....

The newer, bigger Hunter's are designed to be mainsail driven, not jib driven like the older boats. That is one of the reasons they are only spec'd with a 110 jib. Hence, the fractional rig with the oversized/full roach main with reefing, and more beam. This results in less heeling, but better performance with more boat at the waterline. Our H410 with her 110 jib (and high freeboard, full dodger/bimini windage, fully outfitted and a liveaboard) passes everything in sight, including our neighbor's Beneteau 411 with a furling main, 150 furling genoa, no canvas and almost no additional equipment or systems. /c s/v Twilight

Steve Lazerow

I would also like a 155, but how?

I race non-spinnaker and I can't compete in light air (or heavy air for that matter) against similar sized boats such as Erickson, that have the big, non-furling headsails. Unfortunately, the Hunter 376 has a lousy non-spinnaker PHRF rating (120 on Lake Michigan) and I don't get a break for a small-sized headsail. I thought about buying a used 155 for light/moderate wind racing. However, there is absolutely no place to put in jib tracks without tearing apart the headliner. Any ideas? The photo reference earlier was interesting, but Hunter installed those track and modified the headliner accordingly.

Andy Hansom

150 headsail

A 150 headsail might not work so good beacause you would have to notch the leach around your spreaders and rigging! The other choice would be some sort of toerail attachment and sheet wide around all the rigging, but sheeting that wide wouldn,t let you point all that well,
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