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Replace 222 centerboard line in water without being able to access other line from inside cockpit


Aug 24, 2021
O'Day 222 Lake Champlain
Through a series of unfortunate events and copious amounts of stupid, the knot on the end of my centerboard line went through a period of non-existence. Today I let the line out, not thinking about the absent knot and it ran all out through the centerboard line hole. It was running free under the boat but I was able to grab it and tie it back up to the side of the boat for now. I tried to feed a new line down through the centerboard hole but it didn't want to go the full way through.

Here's my plan: Go back with some wire and run it through the centerboard hole, dive under the boat, grab the wire, tape it to the original centerboard line, then climb in the cockpit and pull the wire back up along with the line.

My question is two-fold: How stupid is this plan and is it possible to feed wire through the centerboard line or is there some kind of 90 degree angle in there that's going to make it a no-go. I'm trying to avoid pulling it, it's not in an ideal location at the moment to allow for it.

Sep 29, 2013
Oday O'Day 222, O'Day 19 Casco Bay, Falmouth, ME
You may be able to get a wire to follow the path, but the line attached to the centerboard comes up
Into the cavity that the centerboard tucks into when on a trailer, goes over a pulley then aft through a rubber hose to the stainless elbow just aft of the cabin up to the bridge deck where it comes out through the plastic grommet. I found it a little tricky when I had my boat up on blocks to replace the line, but I was doing it by myself. A second person would have helped, but it may still take you a few tries. I'd use an electrician's snake rather than a wire because it shape controls which way the electrician's snake bends as opposed to a wire that can go wherever it wants. If you can heel the boat enough by pulling on a halyard with the boat in 4' of water, you may be able to run the snake up from the bottom as well. Either way you run the snake there are some snags along the way. Best of luck to you.