Repairing the hull of my venture 21

Jul 29, 2014
Ranger R26 Muskegon, MI
I obtained a Venture 21 that had been neglected for 5 years. When I got it home and blocked up the hull I discovered a crack 1.5 to 2 foot long (one leg of a v shape). The crack appears to go through the hull. Can I repair this well enough to restore the hull integrity or will it always be weak. I have another Venture 21 in good shape. Is it worth attempting a repair or should I scrap it and sell the parts. If I scrap it, what do I do with the hull?
Oct 16, 2008
MacGregor/Venture 25 Mesa AZ
FIRST: did you WANT two 21 ft boats or is one for parts? I did fiberglass repair on a Lotus Europa that entailed putting back together about five large pieces of glass fender and lots of smaller pieces. Using tools that would allow long slope to be cut when mating two pieces instead of a butt joint - and - working from both side, it turned out stronger than the original and you could not see anyplace the repair had been made - on either side. If you are going to "dump" the hull, you may have to cut it into pieces using a sawzall. Our dump will not allow whole hulls - but cut up smaller parts are ok.
Nov 23, 2011
MacGregor 26D London Ontario Canada
Start with this video:
Just do what he does. After the structural part is dine watch the gel-coat ones too.
Watch how you block the boat up. It should be blocked the same way it is held on the trailer. If you do it differently it could crack it...