Renewing/upgrading standing rigging

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Ed Blaszak

My 1971 DaySailer (the first year of production for the II model) is going back in the water after 12 years of storage. I'm considering replacing the standing rigging simply as a prophylatic measure. The shrouds and stays are 1/8" dia (I think). It has been suggested that I upgrade to a larger diameter (3/16?). Any thoughts? If I do this, do I need to replace the chainplates? Thanks to all who are kind enough to reply and I hope to be on the Chesapeake soon!

Achille C. Scache

Are you out of your mind?

You do not need 3/16 shrouds. I only use 1/8 and I have a Lightning. Stick with what you've got, Shrouds alone will run you several hundred, and yes, you will have to replace the chainplates

Justin - O'day Owner's Web

Redoing rigging on a DS is not a big deal

Ed, Nope, you're not out of your mind, but your rigging is sized correctly. I think you are wise to redo it, however. I have rerigged all of my boats, and have a lot more fun with a lot less worrying. Call Cape Cod Shipbuilders. They will send you your new rigging for about $60 a wire. They probably have it already made up. When I got my new rigging it took four days. Your chainplates are probably ok too, unless they seem to be loose from the boat. Justin - O'day Owner's Web
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