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renaming a sailboat

Aug 22, 2011
MacGregor Venture V224 Cheeseland
The Admiral devised our ceremony - a collage of things found on the net.

We erased all traces of the previous name on the boat.
Gave some final thanks well wishes and good riddance to the old name.
Had a nice kiss.

Launched for the weekend and waited exactly 24 hours when the wind and waves happened to be up an there was spray all around the lively ship and hove-to.
We repaired to the foredeck together and with her words of
Hope and deference to various deities, the earth wind fire and waves, we
cast a wine offering in the four cardinal directions and named the boat
with a splash of spirits flung to the prow and had a sweet kiss.

An then proceeded to beat off a lee with alacrity.

I encourage you to make your own, its fun.

All it really is about is acknowledging that there may be something bigger than yourself and a hope for good fortune.
Dec 25, 2008
Catalina 34 St. Simons Island
Vigor’s Interdenominational Denaming Ceremony

dose anyone now about name change ceremony?
The "standard" is Vigor’s Interdenominational Denaming Ceremony. You can easily Google it or use this link.


In addition to the ceremony, if you choose to use it, it's important to remove all mention of the former name from the boat. I renamed a boat for the first time earlier this year and decided not to use the ceremony because of my religious beliefs. I did follow the guidelines for the complete removal of the previous boat's name and diligently went through all papers and removed them.

I guess you can make out of it what you want with the renaming.
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser Portland OR, moored EVERETT WA
Boat naming is a personal act to associate this new boat into your life.

With children we conduct various ceremonies from the traditional religious events like baptism or bris to the ancient tribal rituals.

John Vigor and others of developed boat naming rituals. Here is one published version. Which has two parts - the Denaming where you remove all references to the old name and then announce to the gods of the sea the new name.

The Coastal people thru the eons have developed rituals to invite good will (spirits) and banish bad things (evils). Shaman, priest, or even the unusual members of a tribe are asked to utter a word or prayer over the inanimate boat to give the boat life. To inspire the boat to connect with the captain. To encourage the boat to be strong when needed and bring the captain home to the tribe when the voyage is done.

Sure you can just grab a can of paint, but when your on the seas beyond the sight of land, our minds can imagine all sorts of strange scary things. That is not the time to wonder, is the name of my boat ok with the ancients or will Neptune send the kraken.