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Relocation/Sea Strainer/Fuel Filter etc?

Sep 11, 2019
Hunter 49 2 San Diego,Ca
Hey guys and gals,
I don’t really like that my sea strainer, coolant expansion tank and primary fuel filter/seperator are behind a panel in a locker?
It means I have to remove the panel every time I want to check them and also I can’t really fill that locker up either
I have a Hunter 49 with a deep bilge.
I’d like to move everything into my bilge and have them just below the sole of the salon which means they would be below the level of the top of the engine this may be a problem any comments observations advice would be helpful.
thank you in advance
Scotty Sailorimage.jpgimage.jpg
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
At first glance I do not see any problem relocating your coolant expansion tank and primary fuel filter/seperator. Be careful of the coolant expansion tank elevation Where to put engine coolant expansion tank | SailNet Community . Primary fuel filter relocation might introduce additional fittings in the fuel line and potential leak points so double clamp the fittings and the hoses should reach the engine and tank without kinking or making sharp turns How to Install a Fuel Water Separator | Boating Magazine . In addition, relocating your seawater strainer will impose additional pressure drop and restict flow, which might be a concern since it isnormally located minimum distance between the thru hull valve and engine to minimize pressure drop Raw-Water Strainers | BoatUS
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Jun 15, 2012
Hunter 50 AC St. Petersburg
Thank you for your picture of the empty generator compartment. I have always wondered what it would look like, without the generator. I never quite understood why Hunter put the engine & generator strainer behind the hanging wet locker, and the a/c strainer in the bilge. I think there would be room to put all 3 in the bilge which would also shorten the length of hose required. I have owned the boat almost 6 years and must report that I have not had any problems with this setup. Can anyone advise why this setup?
Jan 7, 2011
Oday 322 East Chicago, IN
I don’t think the water strainer or the fuel filter relocation is problematic. Mine are lower than my engine.

but I think that the coolant expansion tank needs to be above the engine…even slightly.

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