Refrigeration lines


Dec 27, 2016
Hunter 340 Pickwick tn
The refrigeration lines from my compressor to unit is sweating a lot. The water drops down off them and runs down and under the hot water heater. It builds up under the seatee. Is this common on hunter 340 sailboats. I am not sure how to correct this. Thanks for any help
Oct 29, 2005
Hunter Marine 326 303 Singapore
I don't think its normal. My refrigeration lines doesn't sweat. No idea what could cause this.

Ken Y
Jan 7, 2011
Oday 322 East Chicago, IN
Whoever installed my refrigeration put pipe insulation on the pipes…

I don’t get much (if any) sweat.

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Jun 15, 2012
Hunter 50 AC St. Petersburg
Sweating is normal on the low or suction side of any refrigeration or a/c lines in a hot, humid environment. The cure is pipe insulation.
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May 24, 2004
CC 30 South Florida
Like others have pointed out pipe insulation is the answer. Just make sure is attached firmly to the AC line to minimize hot and humid air from getting in between the insulation and the line. The biggest headache is catching and draining that condensation before it creates a puddle.
Apr 3, 2015
Hunter 27 Chicago
You need to check with the manufacturer of the refrigeration unit in question. On many refrigeration (not air conditioning) systems the hot high pressure liquid line going to the evaporator is mechanically attached to the cool suction line which travels back to the compressor in what is called a desuperheater. This allows the suction line to cool down the liquid and eliminate vapor bubbles in this liquid. This also warms up the suction line and helps eliminate excess sweating. It is still necessary to insulate the lines thoroughly, sealing ends and openings. Hope this helps.