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Ranger 28 bent rudder. advise please.

Apr 27, 2015
Columbia 26 mk2 Vancouver

I have an opportunity to save a beautiful * Ranger 28 from being scrapped. It Came onto some rocks and did ok with one major exception. *The rudder is bent a bit. Enough that it James onto the hull and *can't to all the way. I want to repair or replace to save it. Any suggestions?*


Oct 7, 2008
Ranger 26 Mandeville, LA
probably you have this figured this out by now. anyway you will have to replace the shaft and go back up to fiberglassing and paint. make sure your shaft journal is not broke loose from the hull.
Apr 27, 2015
Columbia 26 mk2 Vancouver
Lot of advice and very helpful. Had another simulator post in another place.

Thank you all.