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Racing a 1983 hunter 34

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Ben Townsend

Thanks for the responses all of which have helped to reinforce my suspicions. Some additional information: My sails are the orginal sails I have a 110 and 155 and am looking at adding roller furling this fall. The boat doesn't have a backstay adjuster. A couple of other questions that I have: Backstay adjuster Yes or No? Roller furling for racing or separate sails? Assymtrical or symmetrical spinnaker?

Michael Cohn


Backstay adjuster: YES Separate sails: Definitely - #1 and #2 genoas. Use a symmetrical chute. Asyms are for cruising. good luck! MC

Frank Pitts

Mast bend

I agree with most of MC has to say, but I respectivly question his recommendation for a backstay adjuster. Your H34 has the B&R rig. The mast has been pre-bent. A backstay adjuster (I have one) on a B&R rig does little more than rake the mast fore and aft a little. You can use this to remove or put-in headstay sag but that's about all. With regard to roller furling vs. seperate sails: I have used both on my H34 and find little diff.. Besides, at least in my area, we get a 6 sec/mi. credit for roller furling. True, in a perfect world with skilled crew, doing sail changes is prefered. More important is the quality of the sail.


If your serious, but sails & an adjuster

Have a H34 that came with orig main (baggy) and 145,135,110 roller furling. the 145 was baggy from use. Polars for a 145 vs a 155 show .2k speed increase + 2 degrees of higher pointing and .3 better VMG at 10 knots of TW. If your 145 is a roller furling it has a higher foot and your are worse off. Since you have the older sail use it for cruising and buy a good 155 yacing jib. My crew changes my roller 145 and cruising main to racing jib & main every Wed nite if I have cruised over the weekend. (I change the collars on the harken roller furling as I hate to keep buying the fittings) The back stay can pull the rig even further back and for the few $$ it worth it. I tune the rig for med wind which allows a little sag and works well in lite winds, and allows more backstay when it pipes up. As for the spinnaker, it probably depends on your racing/cruising situation/course. Best of luck PJ



I suggust you use an assymetrcal spin because it will give more sail area. But be careful on what type you get because some dont have a baloon shape. They're just an over sized jib
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