Race photos from Bremerton, Wa. April 24, 2021


Dec 20, 2009
Hunter 466 Bremerton
When I am not working on my son or daughter's boat or rebuilding the 5.9 Cummins diesel on my oldest son's truck I did get on the water Saturday for a club race. Some how my crew and I missed the two preliminary starting blasts and the only one we heard was actually the one minute warning and we mistakenly thought it was the five minute...oops. Any how we were late by five minutes and all I saw was the sterns of the other boats. Nothing to do but get to work. By the second and final lap I was two of six. I was really pleased with the sails and how well she pointed. "Wings of Gold" goes like a freight train upwind. The picture was taken by a friend of ours from his house on Dyes Inlet near Bremerton, Wa. Wind was 15-20 gusting to 28. Awesome sail. I am in the blue hull.


Jul 24, 2005
Beneteau 323 Manistee, MI
I’m jealous. I wish I had a place to sail in 15-20 knot winds and flat water. With that amount of wind I would be double reefed and playing with 4-5 foot Lake Michigan chop.
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