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R20 Outboard length?

May 16, 2020
Ranger 20 Spokane
I just bought a new Tohatsu 6hp SailPro XL (25") shaft. I'm pumped about it. Before I bought it I measured, measured again, eyeballed, and tried to look for info online to figure out the correct length for the shaft and depth for the prop. I got it home today and put it on the boat and it looks and feels too long. See pictures. In the "closer" picture the motor mount is raised, in the "further" picture the motor is dropped. They are terrible photos, sorry. Any advice on proper outboard length and prop depth would be appreciated!


Oct 19, 2017
O'Day 19 Littleton, NH
Welcome to SBO, R20Sailor.
That's a sweet looking boat and I like the name. 'Mariah', right? "They call the wind Mariah."

It does look like a 20 inch shaft would work for you. It's more work, but you might like the benefits of raising the mount. You could do it by rebolting the motor mounted higher on the transom, but also by replacing the mounting pad with a taller one. I can't tell if you could simply mount the motor directly to the transom.

You don't show what it looks like in the raised position, would you be able to tilt the motor with the stern rail there? Would raising the mount make that easier or harder?

I am not a motor guy, so I can't give you the best advice, but it looks to me like the difference between the 20" shaft and your 25" shaft is the 5" extension added just at the cavitation plate. It may just be a matter of removing that extension, to turn your 25" into a 20" shaft.

There are plenty of knowledgable sailors here with experience and the eagerness to share it. Someone with real world knowledge will be along soon to share it.

I wish I could be more helpful, but it's good to welcome you aboard. Good luck

-Will (Dragonfly)
Oct 26, 2010
Hunter 40.5 Beaufort, SC
If you want to remove the extension it should be pretty easy however, you will probably need a new shaft since for most small out boards the shaft is one piece. You might be able to sell the longer shaft and extension to someone here on SBO in the classified section since there is probably someone "hankering" to extend their outboard and the 6 HP is pretty popular. Heck, you might find someone willing exchange with you. You might even get a litte "boot" (southern for some extra $) with the exchange since the long shaft and housing extension are a $ upgrade. My grandpa was a horse trader ;)
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Nov 6, 2006
Hunter 34 Mandeville Louisiana
Hard to say exactly, but if ya operate in waves of around 2 feet and greater, you'd like the little extra length.. No problem in flat water..


Sep 4, 2015
Macgregor 26S Adrian, MI
Here are a couple of pics of my 9.9 on my Mac26C. I slip on a small inland lake and rarely lower the mount. We go to either Lake Huron or Michigan a couple times each summer. I need every inch of depth to keep the prop in the water when it gets rough. When we are sailing, we tilt the prop out of the water so there is no drag.


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