Questions for 39 owners

May 6, 2010
1984 Oday 39 79 Milwaukee
I noticed on haul out that our propshaft strut has some movement. I'm wondering how it is attached and what might need to be done to repair it?

I'm also in the process of removing the ice box from the stand up nav station and would like to see some photos of the sit down nav station which is what I would like to convert ours to.

Mar 24, 2012
O'Day 40 BC Coast
I believe the strut is through bolted to the hull. You may have to dig down through fibreglass to find it. If you google O'Day 40 strut you will find a link on another site. The OP may be able to help if you send him a PM.
I nearly had mine damaged by an idiot "marine expert" who was about to put a new strut bearing in with a sledge hammer. Maybe someone has done this with yours.

Regarding the chart table, you should be able to find some pics on the various sailboat sales sites. I think mine goes the other way from yours. I mounted an Engel on rails under the chart table and use it as a dedicated freezer. Using electronics these days I spread charts on the salon table if needed.
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