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Question of rollers or just teflon skids

Jul 16, 2016
Hutch Com-pac 16 Hudson, Fl
Hi, I recently purchased a 16 foot Compac and had some work done on the boat. The boat repair yard recommended changing the rollers on the cross members to flat teflon skids on flat cross members so I agreed. After the changed the trailer to skids with beams on outside I took the boat out and damaged the front bottom of the keel where it rests on the teflon skid. I took it back and he argued with me saying it was fine until the fiberglass repairman said it was damaged from the trailer. He agreed to repair for free and now changed his mind and said the teflon skids are good. I asked another trailer repair shop and they said the boat needs to be off the crossmembers. What do you think? Thanks a lot. Douglas
Aug 16, 2015
Compac Sun Cat Lake Hartwell, SC
Call Jerry at Hutchins and send him pictures! The support that they give owners of their boats is fantastic. They did great work on my Sun Cat.