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May 22, 2004
Oday 23 Bullock's Cove, RI
Hi Maine Sail - and thanks for all your contributions to this site - they have helped me tremendously. So now to the question of boat preparation and waxing/polishing. I have read your posts and this year I have used your techniques on my O'Day 23 - but only by hand since I do not have a polisher - Plush my last experience with an MGB and a polisher was not a good one - so its by hand for me right nown. The resutls are excellent ..... but what steps do you recommend next spring when I start to get the boat ready and the wax is still beading the water? I have used Collonite for the last few years and it is a great product - do I need to strip the wax before polishing? If so whats the best way/product to do that? Hoping to splash next weekend if the $$$ generator (i.e. work) does not get in the way with bus travel etc. Thanks for your reply James Bullocks Cove RI

Tim R.

May 27, 2004
Caliber 40 Long Range Cruiser Portland, Maine
Don't Polish unless you need to

I repolished my boat this year without stripping the wax. I then did 2 coats of wax. You could probably wax right over if you do not need to polish.
Sep 25, 2008
Alden 50 Sarasota, Florida
there is such as thing as too much

for reasons Tim stated, there is nothing to be gained but the converse isn't true. You can polish too much and many people do that every year. Polish is inherently abrasive, regardless of what one uses or how they use it.
Feb 6, 1998
Canadian Sailcraft 36T Casco Bay, ME

If it still has a good shine just wax it. If it's getting hazy use a polish like Finesse It II. There won't be enough wax left after a year to bother removing but do wash the hull before buffing.. BTW a buffer would make your life a LOT easier!!! As the others have said don't over buff!
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