Propane Locker on Beneteay 41S

Jul 13, 2009
Parker Skipjack 37 Clearwater
In checking out the safety of the propane set up on my 1990 Beneteau 41S5 I find its just really stupid and unsafe as built!!,,,,,,, Boat is loaded wit stupid plumbing! Anyway the drain in the botton of the propane locker was installed with a loop in the drain hose!! This makes it a "P trap" and leaking propane would accumulate in the locker-possibly work its way into the hull and lie there till it explodes !! Killing lotsa people. The bottom of the propane "locker(so-called) is completely in accessable too. to install it they must have made the connection with the long hose needed to allow the hose to be connected to the thru hull and then lowered the locker over the whole mess........... the in accessable thru hull, is a problem also as it cannot be inspected or serviced and could potentially sink the boat! Now I have to remove the whole stupid mess and re-engineer it .to provide some resemblence of safety using this dangerous propane gas. Are other model Benny s made like this???
May 17, 2004
Beneteau Oceanis 37 LE Havre de Grace
Are other model Benny s made like this???
At least by the Oceanis 37 they had this figured out. The vent comes out the bottom of the locker behind a small removable plastic cover in the aft cabin, makes a single 90 degree turn aft, then gradually descends to a thru hull at the top of the boot stripe.

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