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Problem Warm Engine Starting - Volvo MD7A

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I have a 1980 Sabre 28 with a Volvo MD7A engine. When I start my engine at the beginning of a trip it cranks strong and fires up immediately. I then go out the channel under power for about an hour before I put up my sails. Duting that time the engine is running fine. I sail for about three hours and then try to start the engine. However, although it cranks strong it doesn't fire up. While cranking, I opened the injectors and fuel is just dripping out. But there does seem to be normal fuel flow into the fuel filter. So in summary, the problem in starting seems to be when the engine is warm, not cold. Any ideas?? Walt

Al Miegel

Dripping injector, common problem on MD motors

I have a MD11C and it did the same thing.Rumored to be a common ailment on this vintage Volvo. The injector may be dripping fuel which lowers the pressure on the fuel rail. You have to crank a lot to build the pressure back up to the point that the injector sprays. You see fuel when you crack open the line but it's not at 300 or so psi needed to open the spring at the nozzle of the injector. Solution is to have injectors rebuilt or clean them in situ with a product like Deisel Purge. This is a detergent that you run through the engine and you should be able to get it from any decent auto repair shop that does deisels . Chevron Techron works OK too but not as well or as fast. If you can't find it e-mail me (scubaseas@aol.com) and I can send you some (at cost + shipping)
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