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Precision 15 Hatch/Flotation

May 1, 2019
Precision P15K Lexington MI USA
Hello All,
I just bought a 2011 P15K and notice that the front hatch is not very secure. It seems to separate easily from the hinge (please see pictures). Is my hatch hinge broken or is this the way they come? It concerns me because there doesn't seem to be any for of flotation besideds a 'good seal' on the hatch. Do other people put flotation bags or foam in there hulls? I certainly appreciate any feedback or comments.

Thank you,

Dave Warner



Sep 4, 2007
Hunter 170 Grapevine Lake, TX
Hi, 185 owner here and I believe I have the same hatch. Best advice is to contact the person selling precision parts at (941) 722-6601 and talk to him. Don't have a name handy but he had been helpful and knowledgeable in all my dealings. Apologies if you have already tried this.