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Poulsbo, Wa Rendezvous Summary Sept 11-13, 2015


Dec 20, 2009
Hunter 466 Bremerton
From your HAPS co-captains

As Ruth and I tacked our way north to the Poulsbo rendezvous on Friday Deptember 11, the winds were 10 kts and dying. They only perked up again as we docked. Go figure. We must be cruising.
A huge thanks to our hosts Ben and Em Stewart and Dave and Susie Garland. The 17 boats festooned with a breathtaking display of flags and banners certainly enlivened the Poulsbo docks. The weather Friday and Saturday was wonderful with 80+ degrees despite a brisk afternoon breeze each day.
On Saturday, a number of us visited each other’s boats, and in the spirit of HAPS, helped each other out. Four of us boarded sv Beverly Jane, and helped Larry Tughan to extract his mainsail from the furling device, service the furling gear, and ensure that it ran in and out well. Later, Larry boarded sv Endless Options to help Dave Garland re-cut a transom seat. Steve Stark showed the captains of sv Orion his HF antenna arrangement, and later demonstrated his innovative stern tie arrangement on the dock for a number of interested HAPS members.

Saturday night’s main dish of pulled pork sandwiches and the great side dishes, salads and desserts were all wonderful. The pictures contributed from the members and placed on digital display by Ben Stewart was a great visual reminder of the year’s good times with this terrific Hunter Association. We’ll get it posted on You Tube, so we can all get a look.

The winner of the flag contest were new members Doug and Lynne Hopper Thompson of sv Orion, aided by their superb 10 year old crewman, Grant. Carol Jones, her son Chris and friend Sunni, of sv Brigadoon, were able to join us for Saturday and Sunday. It was great to have Orion and Brigadoon join us for the second time this year. The costume theme was won by Stuart Scadron-Wattles of sv Selah.

After dinner, the conversations continued. A couple of boats down from us, sv Orion hosted a hootenanny, for those of you who are old enough to remember the term. There was a lot of singing going on, accompanied by Lynne Thompson’s ukulele and guitar work from John Hilton and Ben Stewart.

Sunday’s departure in the overcast and light rain was somewhat sad. I always find it difficult to say goodbye to our HAPS boat buddies.

Two days later, we were guests of Specialty Yachts along with a dozen other HAPS members at the Lake Union Boats Afloat Show VIP night. I thought the MH 31 the biggest and prettiest 31’ sailboat I had ever seen. The 37 and 50 were equally gorgeous. Ruth and I looked at the other new sailboats that were all definitely heavily influenced by European designers. The other boats, while light and airy struck me as stark, Spartan and almost sterile. Discussing that look with one of the brokers he said that look is preferred by the millennial generation. Designers certainly want to please the customer as there is no percentage in doing otherwise. Thanks to Lawrence Fronczek of Specialty Yachts for providing the tickets.

Given that the past weekend included 9/11, I thought I would circulate this tribute by USNA midshipmen. https://youtu.be/gPGuSFNUpBA

Dave "cowabunga" Garland, Grant Thompson and Ben "Hawaian Cowboy" Stewart raffle off prizes from Hunter Owners.com

Bill Bramstedt, who has served as HAPS Membership Chair for many years, approached me and asked if he could pass on the office before he retired, so he could continue to be available to his successor for advice and counsel. It was a thoughtful and considerate move that is typical of his loyal and unflagging service to HAPS. I am pleased to announce that Kerstin Hilton has agreed to be our new membership Chair. I understand that Bill and Kerstin lost no time in Poulsbo, and went to Casa Luna, to confer over tequila. Kerstin will serve as Acting Chair until she is confirmed by the membership at the meeting.
We had some good discussion in Poulsbo about next year, and what we might do. We also discussed our Annual Dinner and meeting on Saturday November 28 (see save the date below). In the interest of both streamlining the meeting part of the evening and including those who cannot attend, Stuart and I are going to circulate a survey to the membership covering a number of issues related to our rendezvous calendar, including guests at rendezvous, education items, demo items, children's activities, etc. After getting those results, I’ll prepare some proposals for the membership, and get an agenda out in advance of the meeting.

2016 Calendar Draft
To prepare us a bit for the survey and stimulate thought, I’ve sketched out a beginning schedule for 2016 below. Your comments and suggestions are welcome:
Saturday February 27 4-8PM Chart Chat, Bremerton Yacht Club
April/May rendezvous??? (need hosts and location)
June 9-12 Specialty Yachts Hunter Rendezvous, Thetis Island, BC.
July 3 Poulsbo no host raft up for the fireworks
August 12-14 Bremerton Marina, Wine festival (tentative dates) 15 slips already reserved. Come as you are. Impromptu pot luck Saturday. Mike and Ruth Murray, hosts
September 10-17 San Juan Cruise. Rdvu at Langley or Everett, finish at Port Townsend. Need a cruise captain.

Education Moment

Seldèn In-Mast Furling maintenance
Did you know that you should be lubricating your furling gears and bearings EVERY year? Here’s a copy of the Selden Furling manual describing the grease points and recommended service.

Save the date
Saturday, November 28. 5:30-9PM: Annual Dinner and Meeting at Scott Lodge, Bellevue, WA
We’ll send out more information and an RSVP in October.

Nice people in nice boats having a nice time together

Fair Winds,

Mike and Ruth Murray, fleet co-captains, aboard Wings of Gold