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Potable water leaking into bilge - 06 H38

Jun 13, 2016
Hunter 38 Mystic, CT
Don't know where else to check. Have traced all the water lines but can't find the leak or water running down any surface.
Water pump does not cycle on when not running water but after a day have about a couple of gallons of fresh water in the bilge.
Inspected water tank but did not find anything obvious. I shut off the water at the tank and was away for a few days and no water leaked into the bilge.
What I did find was water under the platform the tank sits on.
Any thoughts?
Jan 11, 2014
Sabre 362 113 Fair Haven, NY
Are you connected to the municipal water system?

Are you certain it is not rain water?

Could it be from a drain and not a supply line?

The leak could be from the supply side of the pressure pump. That would account for the water in the bilge when using the pump and no pump cycling as would happen with a leak on the pressure side. Check the fitting around the pump.


Feb 11, 2017
Islander Freeport 36 Ottawa
Are you sure it isn't rain water? If not rain it sounds like it is from the tank or hoses between tank and pump. I assume you didn't fill the tank during the time you noticed the leak so not coming from the tank fill or vent lines.
Dec 14, 2003
Hunter 34 Lake of Two Mountains, QC, Can
Are you absolutely sure it's fresh water ? Put a finger in it and taste it you'll know for sure. To eliminate possibility of rain water, put some food colorant in you fresh water tank. If water if dyed in bilge you'll know for sure it's coming from the tank. As an added bonus you might also see traces of the colorant where it is leaking. Will not damage you system or affect the quality of the water. and once you find the leak you can flush and rinse the tank with new water.


Oct 21, 2009
hunter 38 Monaco
Have you looked at the bow end of the water tank. Remove the front triangle under the mattresses. On that end there are some connections for water level measurement.
Sep 24, 2018
O'Day 25 Chicago
You can buy dye tracer at hardware stores that glows under black light if you're worried about food dye creating stains


Sep 19, 2017
2006 Hunter 38 4410 Lake Lewisville, TX
My A/C condensate and refrigerator/freezer condensate drains to the bilge. The A/C generates a lot of condensate when it runs.


Oct 21, 2009
hunter 38 Monaco
On our H38 we have had mysterious fresh water leakage for a long time. By accident I found that there was invisible leakage behind the shower walls, but ONLY when the shower is in use. There was a connexion that was not correctly tightened and leaking when the shower was in use.
On the H38 of a friend in the same marina the mysterious fresh water leakage turned out to have the same origin, behind the wall in the shower/head space.