Poop Training

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Rich Prange

House and yard training for our BLue Heeler pup is going pretty good so far. Next sailing season I want him on board... You now what the question is. Any suggestions for a cruising dog including diet. Yohder is a great pet so far and I want to keep it that way.

LaDonna Bubak - Planet Catalina

Find a dedicated poop spot

Congratulations on your new puppy. Obviously don't train him on the boat till he's trained in the house but once that happens, you should start on the boat. First, find a dedicated place for him to "go". Make sure it's out of the way but easily accessible for him. Do you do a lot of daysailing or are you cruising? If you see rough weather, you might have to find an indoor location too but I don't recommend it!!! :) Anyway, you really should install some indoor/outdoor carpet in the spot cuz they really like to do it in grass & it also won't negate what you're trying to do at home. Pooping on the floor is a no-no, right? So make it as "outside" as possible. It might (and this is gross) be helpful to take a sample of his, place it on the mat, let him smell it & identify it as "the" place to do his business, then hose it off. Now, this is all stuff I've heard second hand from other cruisers w/dogs, so take it with a grain of salt. You have to do what works for you but this is a place to start. Good luck & have fun with your puppy! LaDonna

Steve Wright

Puppy Pads

There is a product call Puppy Pads, they look like disposable diapers that you can lay out flat. The Puppy Pad has a sent that tells the dog that it is okay to go here. I would use them all of the time, at home and on the boat so the dog dosn't get confused.
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