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P165 Mods.... Mainsheet, jib cleats, halyard cleats, etc. 1

May 15, 2010
Capri 22 Central Florida
So, I bought a P165 with the intention of upgrading, racing while I own it, then selling to a friend for her first boat. Bought a set of sails from Precision Boatworks (Rolly Taskers) along with a mast (previous owner cut 30 inches off so it'd fit in his garage) and they all work fine. BTW, Bart at the Precision factory is awesome....
Anyway, first mod was to buy all new running rigging and install Seldon Mast Swivel w/cam cleats, one on each side of the mast base for halyards. They work absolutely fantastically.
Second, a 31" (I think) Battle Stick tiller extension. I'd prefer at least the 41", but the new owner is good with what's there as she sits farther back than I.
Next, installed Spinlock PXR swivel base cleats for the jib. Don't get the PXR0206 as 1/4" line essentially won't feed through as claimed. Get the PXR0810. We're still using the 0206s with 3/16 jib sheets, which works fine (especially in light air), but the sheets feel ridiculously small in my hand. In hindsight, I might've done away with the factory turning blocks and installed the cleats where the blocks are for an even better angle when single-handing, sitting pushed against the cabin on the high side.
Next was a bridle and main sheet centered over the tiller. Works OK but thinking 3:1 and a Barney Post (a la my Capri 14.2) will be far superior. New owner is good with what we did, but no doubt in my mind the barney Post will be a huge improvement.

May 15, 2010
Capri 22 Central Florida
P165 mods continued....

Got a small Hyfield quick release shroud extender for the forestay, but haven't yet installed it. I see no reason it won't work as intended and with no backstay to release, should make stepping and securing the mast dramatically easier.

Lastly, a kind of cool thing we did was to get 4 @ 4' bungie cords and run a couple from the (former halyard) horn cleats on the mast to the bow pulpit to lighten the load when stepping the mast. Works great, just taking some of the weight off making it much easier for the new owner to raise the mast by hand.

So, has anyone else gone to a Barney Post or other alternate mainsheet system? Also, we're considering going to a small spinnaker and I'm curious if anyone has done so. There's nothing remotely beefy about the spars or rigging, so not sure how wise it'd be but it would sure wake the thing up going down-wind and be super fun.