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outhaul on 350

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Jun 7, 2004
Beneteau Oceania 45 Charleston
Can anyone help with this? Do Catalina 350s have an internal or external outhaul system. I became curious after reading Don Guillette's Sail Trim Users Guide. Which is excellent. Thanks!
Dec 2, 2003
Catalina 350 Seattle

Traditional main (i.e. not in-mast furling) has the outhaul run through the boom on my 350. My boat did not come with the outhaul line brought back to the cockpit with all the other sail controls. It was simply coiled up and stuffed near the base of the mast. I bought another turning block for the base of the mast, and installed a cleat under the dodger, near the other lineclutches and routed the outhaul line back so I can adjust it from the cockpit. Hope that helps. Tim Brogan April IV C350 #68 Seattle
Not open for further replies.